"Many words come to mind when I think of Brian Chung as a speaker—charismatic, engaging, funny, touching. He has an amazing ability to have his audience laughing uproariously one second and crying the next. Few speakers I’ve ever seen manage to achieve his winning combination of charm, warmth, passion, and humor in such a completely natural and disarming way. He’s one of the most compelling evangelists for the power of music in human life I’ve ever heard—and I use the word "evangelist" for all it’s worth because he fills a room with the evangelic fervor of a great tent revivalist. And I mean that in the best possible way. For all of us who love music, learning, and the magic that happens in life when music and learning are combined, Brian is a national treasure."

Samuel S. Holland, Ph.D., NCTM (Dean, Meadows School of the Arts, Southern Methodist University)

"Few individuals possess the oratorical skills of Brian Chung. He captures audiences immediately with a combination of knowledge, wit and sincerity, coupled with his charming personality and creative delivery. Brian is one of the most requested speakers at MTNA events of all types and at all levels. Every musician, teacher and organization should hear and experience the passionate, positive message of this once in a generation speaker."

Dr. Gary Ingle, Executive Director and CEO, Music Teachers National Association

"It would be impossible to measure the remarkable impact Brian Chung had at our 2023 Pedagogy Conference!  His first session, "Life Shaper or Artist Maker," touched our collective soul as we were challenged to re-evaluate our primary role as piano teachers.  Brian's enthusiasm, transparency, humor, passion and faith combined to remind us of our high calling to guide each of our students so that they can positively influence others through their love of music.  In his second presentation, on the practical, sequential teaching of improvisation, Brian opened the door for our pedagogy students to confidently include improvisation among their teaching strategies. It was also a special delight to hear Brian play two of his fresh, well-crafted piano arrangements!  Our students and community teachers continue to reflect on Brian's eye-opening sessions; clearly, they would enjoy hosting him every year!  My husband and I will never forget the valuable insights Brian so warm-heartedly shared.  He is truly a gifted communicator as well as a treasured friend in this noble profession! 

Connie Anderson, Assistant Professor of Piano Pedagogy, Cedarville University

“Brian Chung’s session “Life Shaper or Artist Maker” presented a revolutionary way to look at ourselves as music teachers. His inspiring insights tipped the traditional way of reflecting on teaching music upside down. This session was thoroughly affirming and encouraging to our noble profession. I would highly encourage every music teaching convention and conference to hear this session.”

- Dr. Marianne Bryan, NCTM, past member Board of Directors of MTNA and past president of Minnesota Music Teachers Association

"Brian Chung is such an inspiration!  His talents, expertise, and thoughts were such a gift to our program.  Not only were his two educational workshops among the best that our conference offered, but his keynote speech and reception remarks touched many lives.  I know that my own life has truly been enriched and blessed by his visit!" 

Martha Stubbs (President, Stubbs Music Center; Florida State Music Teachers Association)

"I had the privilege of attending Brian Chung’s workshop on “Classical and Jazz Improvisation” at the 2014 FSMTA State Conference in Tallahassee, Florida. This was probably one of the most inspiring, engaging and eye-opening workshops I have attended in the past several years! Brian addressed the most essential concepts in improvisation (be it classical or jazz) with an approach which was fun and easy to grasp, particularly for those of us who feel outside the comfort zone when it comes to this skill. His approach used a step-by-step method, which builds on the fundamental blocks to facilitate the process. For those of us who always had the stigma of improvising, his workshop unlocked new ways of approaching improvisation, making it seem 'natural' and lots of fun! Brian is a wonderful teacher who is clearly passionate about his craft. His enthusiasm is contagious!"

Dr. Rose Grace, Associate Professor of Piano, Bethune-Cookman University

"Brian's presentations on improvisation and musical careers were hands-down two of the most exciting and interesting ones we've ever had. Our students were raving about them afterwards. He communicated so many inspiring insights that we will remember forever. His energy is SO positive -- and it is so inspiring to see how much he CARES and LOVES what he does."

Dr. Grace Fong, Chair, Piano Department, Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music, Chapman University


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